Huevos: Bring 2

Well our legislators didnt have the huevos to completely repeal HB2, but they did take significant steps to reverse the momentum of being pro-discrimination. The moratorium on local governments enacting their own laws is troubling for the cities that did not already have non-discrimination laws in place already. The legislature has now incentivized us to enable statewide non-discrimination laws so the whole state of ours can rise to the ethical imperative of equality and it not be relegated to a few progressive municipalities. So save your huevos for the next opportunity for change.


It only takes a small group to make impactful change. NC4All exists in order to tap into and contribute to efforts all across our state that promote equality and fairness. And hopefully NC can be an example of how to spread that mission across the United States to preserve and protect the freedoms, intelligence, generosity and beauty our state, our people and our country have to offer. 

Our intention is to promote existing actions and events of groups throughout the state, as well as to create additional events or actions based on the knowledge and passions represented in the group. Our mission is to provide a resource to enable our voices to be heard, and to curate actions lists and tips for engagement so our efforts can be focused. We believe that in order to have a sustainable movement, we need to individually be able to jump into action quickly, and then jump back out so we can still maintain a happy healthy life. 



We will support policy and legislators who are working towards completely repealing HB2. Beyond that, we will continue to push forward on fairness and equality issues for all minority and marginalized populations.



As the second most gerrymandered state in the union, we will work to gain balanced districting throughout NC, and will support legislation that reinstates fair practice for voter registration, early voting and equality at the polls.



We support the belief that all children in the state should have viable access to great public schools. We will work towards strengthening the public school system and protecting the funding that is vital to its growth.


2018 IS NOW

We will concentrate on 2018 midterm elections, promoting and supporting candidates who believe in equality and fairness, and keeping an eye on voter equality and fair district representation



We support legislation and representation that protects the quality of our land, air and water. We will work towards advancing policies that support renewable energy initiatives. 



We support legislation that protects the vulnerable, whether it involves healthcare access, costs, pre-existing conditions, elderly or infirm, young adults, reproductive issues, terminal or lifelong care, drug costs, etc.