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Projects are created by a group of creative people with an interesting idea. Each project must have a team. If you have an idea and would like to start a team, we will have info soon. If you would like to join a project, find out more below.


ongoing thru April 19 2017

Phil Berger – since you don’t have the huevos to allow the HB2 repeal bill to the floor for a vote, we will bring them to you.

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 What is YOUR Focus?

Here are a few issues we hope to impact. We will work on issues through team projects, action alerts and events. Every person can affect change. But it’s easier when we do it together. 



We will support policy and legislators who are working towards completely eliminating HB2. Beyond that, we will continue to push forward on all equality issues, be they life, love, work, nationality, race, gender, faith, economic or justice oriented. We will make all our voices heard.



“NC is home to America’s most gerrymandered district and is 1 of 2 most gerrymandered states.” -common

We will work to influence the redrawing of congressional districts so that all voices are adequately and fully represented in the state. We will support legislation that abolishes voter intimidation tactics and reinstates fair practice for voter registration, early voting and equality at the polls.



We will work towards influencing policy and representation to support quality and equality of public education. We will support policy and legislators who work towards the belief that all children in the state should have viable access to great public schools. We will work towards advancing proponents of the public school system and protecting the funding that is vital to its growth.


2018 IS NOW

We will concentrate on 2018 midterm elections, promoting and supporting candidates who believe in equality and fairness, and keeping an eye on voter equality and fair district representation



We will promote and support legislation and representation that protects the quality of our land, air and water. We will work towards advancing policy that support renewable energy initiatives. We believe in the beauty of North Carolina and the in-state know how to lead the country on progressive environmental policy.



We believe that healthcare is an important component to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” and will support legislation and policy-makers who protect the vulnerable, whether it involves healthcare costs, pre-existing conditions, elderly or infirm, young adults, reproductive issues, terminal or lifelong care, drug costs, etc. We believe that Medicare in some form is vital to many people and will work to protect it.